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About HESI A2


The HESI A2, or Health Education Systems Incorporated Admission Assessment, is a crucial step for aspiring nurses.

License Provider: HESI A2 isn’t a license itself, but an admission assessment exam created by Elsevier Health Sciences. Nursing schools use it to evaluate applicants’ academic preparedness for nursing programs.

History: Launched in 1978, HESI A2 has become a widely accepted benchmark for nursing schools. It ensures potential nurses possess the foundational knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to thrive in the program.

Opportunities with a Passing Score:

  1. Gaining admission to your desired nursing program.
  2. Demonstrating your academic readiness for a challenging nursing curriculum.
  3. Increased confidence in your foundational knowledge for a successful nursing career.

Who Takes the HESI A2?

  1. Primarily pre-nursing students seeking entry into Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or other nursing programs.
  2. Individuals aiming for a career transition into nursing.
  3. Registered Nurse (RN) applicants for refresher programs or advanced degrees.


To be eligible to apply to nursing programs that require the HESI A2, you’ll typically need to meet the following general requirements:

Have a high school diploma or GED

Complete prerequisite coursework, which may include courses in anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, and math

Meet the minimum GPA requirements set by the nursing program you’re applying to (usually around 2.5-3.0)

Once you meet these general requirements, you can then register to take the HESI A2 exam. The exam is offered at Pearson VUE testing centers throughout the United States.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about the HESI A2:

The exam is computer-based and consists of five sections: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and General Knowledge, Grammar, Math, and a section specific to the type of nursing program you’re applying to (e.g., LPN, ADN, RN).

HESI A2 Nursing Entrance Exam Format

The HESI A2 entrance exam is divided into eight sections that may also include a personality section that is not scored but may be used as part of the screening process for admissions. The sections are divided as follows:

  1. Mathematics – 50 questions
  2. Vocabulary – 50 questions
  3. Reading Comprehension – 47 questions
  4. Anatomy and Physiology – 25 questions
  5. Biology – 25 questions
  6. Chemistry – 25 questions
  7. Physics – 25 questions
  8. Grammar – 50 questions

Each section has a certain number of multiple-choice questions, and an on-screen calculator is provided for math and science. Since all exam questions are multiple-choice, questions in the math section will not require you to show your work. Some math questions, though, may be fill-in-the-blank. Students take the HESI nursing entrance exam on a computer at a designated testing center or on a college campus. The option to take the HESI online is also available. A proctor, someone who watches students take the test, administers the test. Each section of the test can be taken separately, but it is recommended that all of the required sections be taken on the same day. The number of sections that are on the test is dependent on the school, and students will usually have from four to five and a half hours to complete the test. There is a testing fee. The amount is determined by each school.

Exam Testing Fee:

One needs to pay a testing  fee to take the HESI A2 exam. This fee is typically around $50 to $70, but it can vary depending on the testing center and program requirements.